Disjecta membra project

The vast majority of printed music editions from the beginning of music printing, around 1500, until the first half of the 19th century were not published as scores, but as individual parts. Due to relatively small print runs and the functional, practical character of the music market, it is not uncommon that a complete set of parts for a music edition have not survived to today.

Swiss archives and libraries hold a total of some 54 titles of printed parts that do not exist in their entirety in any single library worldwide, but are split between different collections. The individual parts of these 54 music prints are distributed to a total of 33 Swiss libraries and archives and a further 74 libraries worldwide. However, it is not necessary to digitise all the copies in order to reconstruct the works. With careful selection of the incomplete voice sets, the reconstruction of the edition can be achieved by virtually combining the holdings of about 19 Swiss and 31 foreign libraries (in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, France, England, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Slovakia and the USA). The images from each library will be attached to the respective RISM catalogue entry, with a link to the digitised material from the library’s own online catalogue. The sets of parts, completed as far as possible, are shown in the table below, arranged alphabetically by author.

Contact: Claudio Bacciagaluppi

Benniger, Joseph (1688-1720)

Heliotropium … seu missae solennes et funebres … opus I Coro (2), strings, org

Diez, Johann Sebastian (1711-1793)

Alphabetarius musicus exhibens VII. missas solemnes … opus I S, A, T, B, 2 vl, vla, vlc, 2 clno, timp, org

Grancini, Michel’Angelo (1605c-1669)

Ottavo libro de concerti ecclesiastici … opera decima nona V (4), org

L’Estocart, Paschal de (1539c-1584p)

Cent cinquante pseaumes de David … mis en musique à quatre, cinq, six, sept, et huit parties 5 parts

Königsperger, Marianus (1708-1769)

Certamen musicum complectens VI. Concerta communia & II. Pastoritia … organo principali … opus XVIII org, 2 vl, a-vla, vlc, 2 clno, 2 cor (2 clno)

Kobrich, Johann Anton (1714-1791)

Adoratio musico eucharistica … per XII. Tantum ergo … opus X S, A, T, B; vl 1, 2, vla, vlc; org; clno 1, clno 2; timp

Petrini, Franz (1744-1819)

IIIe livre de sonates pour la harpe … oeuvre IX vl, arp

  • CH-E 49,44 arp
  • F-Pn K-1535 vl

Pinzger, Romanus (1717-1755)

Laus dei jucunda et sonora, sex breviorum … missarum … opus II. S, A, T, B, vl (2), vlc, cor (2), clno (2), timp, org