Completion of the pilot phase in the D-MUS project

Friday, June 12, 2020

With the publication of about 110 documents from the Swiss National Library in Bern (Nationalbibliothek, NB), the pilot phase of the D-MUS project is now coming to an end. Unique music sources from Switzerland will be digitised and published in the online catalogue. The sources consist of select autograph manuscripts, which can also serve as a kind of sample of the respective composers’ writings, and on the other hand of all historical music prints, the only surviving copy of which can be found in Switzerland. In particular, we digitised the partbooks from Zuoz, which are the primary source for our latest CD production.

In spring 2020, the next stage with sources from the music library of the Einsiedeln monastery was already started - however, it had to be temporarily interrupted due to the coronavirus crisis after about 25 digitisations had already been completed. More details on the project page.

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