End of the cataloguing at Fischingen

Monday, June 1, 2015

The cataloguing of the Fischingen collection in Frauenfeld State archive was completed by the Swiss RISM office at the beginning of June 2015. The cataloguing of the manuscript and printed sources has increased the database by 1,039 new entries.

The music sources from Fischingen monastery date from the 17th to the early 19th century. Most sources date from between 1760 and 1810. It is presumably the collection that was still in use when the monastery was dissolved in 1848. This hypothesis is supported by the place where the music was discovered, in an unobtrusive baroque cupboard in the upper choir of the monastery church.

The music collection is probably the youngest part of a previously almost unknown music library. The catalogues of the monastery library do not list music items: this means that they were preserved as a separate collection. The surviving titles also suggest a close connection with the monasteries of Einsiedeln, St Gallen (today St Johann) and Kempten.

See the project page for more information about the project in Fischingen.

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